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    Overland Kham Tour

    An authentic hidden trekking route in Kham Tibet. Let us take you to have a down to earth experience of Khampa Tibetan culture.

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  • Holy snowland tour

    Mount Minyak Gongga trekking

    Let’s escape in the mountains to have a fresh breath and silence time.
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  • Holy snowland tour

    Mount four girls

  • Holy snowland tour

    About Us

    Holy Snowland Tour is a local Tibetan owned eco-travel company based in Kham Tibet. Welcome to travel with us  Learn more

Holy Snowland Tours is a locally registered Tibetan owned travel company based in Kham Tibet, the center of khampa culture, and it is founded by a senior experienced local Tibetan tour guide.
We have experience of dealing with over sea tourists for more than ten years and we focus mainly for organizing customized tours.

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Recommended Upcoming Tours

10 days 2-14 From 1500$/person

Mount Minyak Gongga Trekking

Mount Minyak Gongga is one of the highest summit in Sichuan and the highest peak of the Gongga mountain chain stands up to 7556 meters and it is known for trekkers of all levels.

5 days 4 895$/person

Explore around Chengdu

Chengdu is said to be a city where don’t want to leave once you get there. You will see the world highest and oldest statue of Leshan Giant Buddha. You will see the cute pandas having bamboo shoots.

20 days 4

Dzongsar-Manigango Trek

So far it is very remote and unexplored that very few people know this route and did the trekking but it is gradually increasing year by year under the recommendations of those who did this trekking. Through this trekking besides seeing many magnificent snowy mountains, beautiful natural blue lakes, alpines, forests and animals you will experience authentic life of Tibetan nomads.

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Check some of our favorite locations in Kham and Amdo Tibet
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The Tibetan word Gyarong translates to “the queen’s hot valley”. Local legends link this queen with the native Bön goddess who is associated with Mount Muerdo, a spectacular mountain that dominates the valley at 4,820 high. The legends say that the goddess Muerdo is the mother of the 56 peaks in the region. Every year in early August, local Gyarong people and pilgrims encircle this sacred mountain.


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News and Updates

Please read our articles and blog posts. We like to keep you updated with regarding different events and festivals from Kham and Amdo Tibet.

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Why not travel to Kham and Amdo in place of Central Tibet (TAR)?

It is important to remember that Tibet areas consist of far more than just the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). Basically Tibetan area is divided into three big regions based on differences such as dialect and lifestyle, U-tsang,Kham and Amdo among which U-tsang is now referenced as TAR or the Central Tibet. Visitors who have never visited Tibet  area are completely unaware of the existence of Amdo and Kham regions of the Tibetan Plateau, which are actually indispensable parts of whole Tibetan areas.

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