Holy Tibet Tours is a locally registered Tibetan owned travel company based in Kham Tibet, the center of khampa culture, and it is founded by a senior experienced local Tibetan tour guide. We have experience of dealing with over sea tourists for more than ten years and we focus mainly for organizing customized tours.


We organize all kinds of tours including culture, wildlife, photography and trekking in the regions of Kham, Amdo and Central Tibet, where you will definitely get a down to earth experience. We will try you to get in closest interaction with the locals and get the most authentic experience of local Tibetans customs and lifestyle.

We also own a traditional guesthouse in Dzongsar where guests can enjoy a cosy and relaxing stay.

Our focus is to provide an eco-friendly tour experience, in which our customers and staff appreciate the beauty of nature and engage in its protection throughout the tour.


For the locals

Our priority goal is to support the locals and develop local tourism in ecofriendly. We are all locals and we hire only locals and try to bring a positive benefit for local Tibetans.